steve (istvanmatis) wrote in welovesergezine,

L' Homme a Tete De Chou


i just found this community and i was wondering if anyone else has heard the "L' Homme a Tete De Chou" cd? i just got that album today and i have been listening to it and trying to figure it out. i dont know any french, so its kinda difficult. its a rather dense cd with serge going off in a lot of different directions at once. apparently it is another one of his 'concept' albums, although i am having a hard time uncovering what that concept actually is. any info would be great. thanks in advance.
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I bought this album too, just 2 weeks ago.
I love Serge a lot too. I created an community especially for him but I didn't know there were others (looks like this one is too). I'm french too and I'll be glad to help you about it even if his lyrics are really difficults even for a french girl like me.

The whole concept album is that he is actually telling a story throught the CD. In "L'Homme a la tete de chou", he met this girl Marylou and he's sharing his story with us. But I don't want to tell you too much spoiler.

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Hi, my French is very poor, and I found this great website that has a lot of his lyrics with English translations. Some of Serge's stuff isn't easily translated (due to double meanings, etc.), but it's very helpful at least to get the idea of what is going on! Here is the link:

Hope that helps!